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Meet F.U.W.U Utd

Meet Feed Up Warm Up’s brand new Football Team – F.U.W.U United. We’re looking for Sponsors and Friendly matches to help build our momentum and progress our team. 

Sponsor our Football Team

Email shane@feedupwarmup.co.uk for more information on how to sponsor our new football team. 

Meet the Team


Introducing our coach, Adrian Turner , Adrian lives and breaths the game he is the first team manager of Knebworth FC, coaches children on a Saturday morning and coaches us on a Sunday . Respect to this man for his dedication to the effort .


Introducing our shot stopper , club secretary and volunteer Sam Mcnaught. Sam’s had lots of years between the sticks with various clubs and in various leagues we are thrilled he’s chosen to come out of retirement for us here at FUWU .


Meet our mean machine of a captain Gav Shead. He’s got plenty of experience in the Sunday leagues and has a love for the sport like I have never seen , very committed to the team and always the loudest on the pitch in game and at training .


Introducing our striker Toby Mcnaught , Toby loves the game so much he’s come out of retirement to play for us. He has years of experience in the Sunday league and has won cups and the league before with his previous team. Vice captain for the team and all round nice guy .


Meet Rory Dear our centre back , his company is one of our main team sponsors and him and his staff all do there bit to raise awareness and money for FUWU. He’s a real asset to the back line and has a passion for the sport .


Introducing Gavin Stackemann new to the team but isn’t lacking in the ambition to jump straight in and gel with the lads. His first touch is impressive and we will be focusing on this in training .


Introducing Aidan Godfrey. Heart of a lion and supports a great football team. His Grandad is a legend ex West Ham defender so he’s got football in his blood.


Introducing Henry Dimmock , Henry is like a sponge listens to the coach and improves his game at every training session. He has great ability to hold up play and his control on the ball.


We introduce you now to one of our youngest players Tom Savory. He listens well to the coach and I’m sure he has a bright future with FUWU Utd .


Introducing you to Mitchell Te Braake , Mitch is a committed team player and always listens to the coach wether it’s praise or criticism. He’s got a love for the sport and a passion to help us make a name for ourselves .


Introducing u to Bradley Godfrey. Brad holds the ball in the CDM position well and is progressing with every training session. He's also the grandson of West Ham legend John McDowell!

Our Club Sponsors

Email shane@feedupwarmup.co.uk for more information on how to sponsor our new football team.